Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Amber Smoke (The Escaped, 1) by Kristin Cast


The door to the massive New York Times bestselling HOUSE OF NIGHT series has closed. Now, Kristin Cast kicks down a new door to welcome her millions of fans to her latest sizzling series.

New Release & Giveaway: Take Me with You (Take Me, 2) by K.A. Linde is LIVE!


Happy Release Day to K.A. Linde and her new book Take Me with You – book 2 in the Take Me series. Make sure to enter the giveaway below for a signed set of the series! Good luck!

Exclusive Excerpt from Pepper Winters’ Second Debt (Indebted, 3)!


Check out this excerpt for Pepper Winters’ upcoming book Second Debt. This is the 3rd installment to her Indebted series. This excerpt just makes you wish the book would hurry up and release!

Excerpt & $25 Gift Card Giveaway: One Night with her Roommate (One Night novellas, #5) by Noelle Adams

Excerpt & $25 Gift Card Giveaway: One Night with her Roommate (One Night novellas, #5) by Noelle Adams

Grab your copy today! Amazon | B&N | iBooks Excerpt “What’s the matter?” East asked in a different tone. He was still studying her face, and he seemed to see a lot more than he should, despite his lazy insouciance. “Nothing,” she snapped, annoyed mostly at herself for being bothered so much at the thought of moving out. Her eyes dipped down again to discover that he was a little more erect than he’d been before. In response to the {Read More}

Cover Reveal: The Fear that Divides Us (The Devil’s Dust MC, #3) by M.N. Forgy


O.M.G. – M.N. Forgy has delivered us an excellent cover to fall in line with all her previous covers to her Devil’s Dust MC series! Definitely not disappointed one bit with the results. Each cover having it’s own color which I’m sure was solely chosen to fit the mood and tone of each particular story. The turquoise on THE FEAR THAT DIVIDES US is easy on the eyes and so is the washboard abs of the model of course. Mouthwateringly {Read More}

Camden’s Redemption (Gloves Off, 4) by L.P. Dover is AWESOME and it’s in my favorite COLOR!


What a BEAUTIFUL cover for Camden’s Redemption! I believe the use of purple is perfect for Camden because he is dark and sinister. PERFECT! I can’t wait to read his story because I know there is still good in him and I hope he gets over the jealously he has with his brother Ryley! I want the twins back. Who else can’t wait for Camden’s story with me? If you would like to read my review for each book just {Read More}

Freebie & Pre-Order: Island Series by Viv Daniels


  Prequel Island Escape is FREE on AMAZON & iBooks ADAM – Luxury yacht, tropical seas, babes in bikinis…dream job, right? Wrong. The passengers are rich jerks who treat the crew like garbage, when they aren’t pretending we’re their whores. The best day was when that cokehead heiress Kalina tried to fire me just for doing my job. I swore I’d never go back home to my parents and their crazy fundamentalist ranch in the desert, but nothing could be {Read More}

Excerpt & Giveaway: Blood, Milk & Chocolate – Part One (The Grimm Diaries, 3) by Cameron Jace


The day I was born, a single red apple grew on a juniper tree in our castle’s garden.
A Blood Apple.
It was a rare fruit; the most sought after in Europe at the time. An apple of unmatched sweetness and unearthly ripeness. Some claimed it could cure the sick and enrich the poor, grant children to the sterile, and keep the soul guarded from demonic possessions. Its rarity and taste made it comparable with gold and diamonds, if they were edible. There was a well-known saying: “A Blood Apple a day keeps all Sorrow away.” Few people knew why the word “sorrow” had always been capitalized in this sentence. I learned why many years later…

#Hater (The Hashtag Series, 2) by Cambria Hebert – Excerpt, Signed Paperback & Kindle HDGiveaway!


“I could tell you I’m sorry,” I whispered in her ear. “I could whisper how much I love you and that I won’t ever do something like this again.” The back of her head hit my chest as I spoke. The silky strands of her perfectly straight hair tickled my lips as I talked, and the scent of her shampoo enticed me closer. “But I’m not going to apologize.” She stiffened, but I strengthened my hold, unwilling to let her pull away. I kept my voice whisper soft and my lips right beside her ear.
“I’d do it again, in a friggin’ heartbeat if that’s what I thought you needed.”

Happy Release to Erin Noelle! MILF: Wrong Kind of Love is LIVE! Excerpt & Giveaway


Excerpt She shuts the door and turns to face me, the pleasant expression from a few moments ago wiped away as she stands with one hand on her cocked hip. “You want to tell me what your problem is?” “What are you talking about?” I reply coolly, knowing exactly what she’s talking about. “Earlier this afternoon. Just now. You were all but a jerk to Jonathan, who if you didn’t notice is someone I kinda want to impress to get this painting thing {Read More}