Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Debonair by Jani Kay


deb•o•nair adjective \ˌde-bə-ˈner\ of a man: dressing and acting in a stylish and sophisticated way : urbane, attractive, charming and confident Debonair and sexy-as-sin Tyler Sinclair has fought his way from poverty to the top as a Wall Street stockbroker. Hungry for success, ambitious for power and glory, he doesn’t have time for messy emotions like love. When his colleague is called away on business, Tyler is stuck with an intern he never wanted and doesn’t have time for. Three {Read More}

Cover Reveal: All Your Reason (Crave Series, #1) by Nina Levine


When heartbreaker meets ball breaker, sparks will fly. Rockstar, Jett Vaughn, isn’t against settling down, but no woman has ever held his attention long enough for a relationship to develop.  That is until he meets Presley Hart.  She’s confident, opinionated and headstrong.  She drives him to the edge of crazy, but he can’t deny how she makes him feel. He wants her heart, but she only wants his body.   Presley’s not against giving her heart to a man, but {Read More}

New Release & Giveaway: Make Me Weak by Megan Noelle


Alexandria ‘Andie’ Hawkins, is in control. She knows what she wants and never lets anyone make decisions for her. With no family and no friends, Andie doesn’t really have anyone she can count on for support. But that’s fine. She is used to the silence now. Working as a high-class pole dancer was never one of her dreams but now, it is the only thing she cares about. Alexandria has learned one very important thing—never let anyone see who you {Read More}

Excerpt & Giveaway: Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh


 Excerpt Fox hadn’t become the lead singer of one of the best-selling rock bands in history by being a shrinking violet. No, he went after what he wanted, no holds barred. And the raw promise he could feel between him and Molly? He had to know where it would lead, the need so strong he hadn’t felt anything like it since the day he’d figured out that music was his escape, the air in his lungs. Which was why he {Read More}

Interview & Giveaway: Get the details on INEVITABLE DETOUR straight from S.R. Grey


Your two prior series, Harbour Falls and Judge Me Not, fall into the Romantic Suspense and New Adult genres, respectively. Which genre does your new series, Inevitability, best fit? Inevitable Detour (Inevitability #1) is a New Adult novel first and foremost. The heroine, Essa Brant, is a college student, twenty-two, who is trying to find her place in the world. She’s learning about life and love while dealing with many unexpected things. Farren Shaw, the hero, is somewhat of a {Read More}

Cover Reveal: Twisted Lies by Sedona Venez


After working her way up, Sinthia Michaels has finally hit it big in the glamorous fashion industry. Young and beautiful, she has it all—a celeb lifestyle, a gorgeous Manhattan townhouse, and a highly anticipated couture fashion line.  Core McKay, former kingpin of New York City’s organized crime, is now a wealthy and legitimate businessman. However, when Core sets his sights on a corrupt politician, his need for revenge leads him to Sin’s up-and-coming fashion empire. Weaving together his twisted lies and dirty {Read More}

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Ownded: An ALPHA Anthology


Prepare to be Owned… Lose yourself in this collection of never before seen novellas from eleven best selling authors from around the globe. And the best part – they contain controlling alphas, feisty females and story lines that will have you holding your breath. Don’t miss out on this great anthology by – Lili Saint Germain // Jani Kay // Callie Hart // Pepper Winters // Lilliana Anderson // Rachel Brookes // Chelle Bliss // Lila Rose // Lyra Parish {Read More}

Try out this VENOMTINI drink recipe by Kristen Strassel, author of We Own the Night (Night Songs Collection, #3)


Venomtini Drink Recipe By Kristen Strassel In The Night Songs Collection, the vampires enjoy an alcohol called Venom. It’s too strong for humans, but at The Sin City Vampire Club, the bartenders have created a knock-off cocktail that the fans can enjoy while they watch Immortal Dilemma on stage. Recipe 1 part Navan vanilla liquor (Venom is amber colored, Navan is made from black vanilla) 1 part vodka (the smoother the better) Pour into shaker over ice Shake well Pour {Read More}

Cover Reveal: One to Love by Tia Louise


  He’s a broken young boxer whose championship dreams were cut short by a tragic accident. She’s a beautiful young widow whose defenses against love are as strong as his left hook. When Kenny and Slayde are thrown together one fateful night, they are shaken by their undeniable attraction, and the closer they get, the more they start to believe in second chances. But Slayde’s troubled past threatens to destroy their dreams, and Kenny must choose between rebuilding her walls {Read More}

Prologue & Giveaway: Strike (Spark, #3) by Jennifer Ryder


Prologue SPENCER (JONES) My head pounds, alerting me to the fact that I’m alive. Barely. I run my hand over my bare chest to find a set of fingers clad with rings. The hand tightens, sharp nails scratching my skin as they sweep over my ribs. I shudder with the realisation that she’s still here. That was not part of the plan. Her hand continues over to my hipbone, and curls around my side. I turn to see her face {Read More}